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All there is to know about ROTMG

All there is to know about ROTMG

RotMG was originally created by Spry Fox and Wild Shadow studios, which was later acquired by Kabam in the year 2012. It is basically massive multi player game that used to be in public beta since 2010 though its browser version was launched officially in June 2011. For Mac and Windows however, the game became available on February 20, 2012. 

The Realm of the Mad God has been described as a game with a pixilated art style as well as a massively multi-player co-operative bullet hell shooter. In this game, the players have to take control of characters that were transported to Oryx’s realm, also known as the titular Mad God. The characters have been transported in this realm so as to become the food of the many abominations as well as minions of the Mad God. The players have to dispatch this. The underlying fact that is central to the game’s design is that the death of the character is permanent. When the character dies, the player loses it along with all of the carried equipment. However, some items may be stored by the player for safekeeping away from danger, in a vault that has a limited capacity.
There are a number of cheats that players can use to go further in RotMG. There was a Realm of the Mad God Hack that was constructed in the year 2012 that allowed players to have an unlimited supply of health in the game as well as having the ability to not to have to aim through an all new aimbot. Also, this Realm of the Mad God Hack allowed users to have the ability to walk through walls and focus on their respective weapons. Fame as well as gold hacks were not given in this Realm of the Mad God Hack as that would have just led to ruining the game for everyone.
With the exceptions of some micro-transactions that are optional, this game is completely free to play. Through these optional micro-transactions however, players can buy items that include pets that help the player in the game, low to high level weaponry that is part of the in-game equipment, some aesthetic features such as dues and skins as well as tier boost potions which make defeated monsters drop their higher level equipment temporarily.
Flash is what this game client is written in, so it can be played on a browser on the game’s website as well as on Kongregate. Players also have the option of downloading the game from either Steam or the Google Chrome Web Store.
This game is becoming increasingly popular in the gaming world and players are looking for all sorts of hacks and cheats so as to move forward in the game. Surprisingly, a lot of hacks are being created precisely for this purpose, though some are short lived than others. Anyway, that isn’t stopping all the gaming enthusiasts worldwide from playing the game and trying their level best to get to new and exciting levels.

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