Thursday, October 1, 2015

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

In the comfort of your own home – you can whiten your teeth with teeth whitening home remedies.

Teeth whitening home remedies
It may seem impossible but for the record, most of the teeth whitening products that are out in the market today – its main ingredient are famous home made remedies.
Cigarette smoking, drinking coffee, red and white wine are just a few things that can discolor your teeth.
A great smile and a white teeth is a MUST especially in this new day and age where it demands a lot more than just a job and to pay taxes.
There are, of course, procedures that can surely whiten your teeth – but it’s expensive and you’d rather do something else with your money because you don’t know for sure that you are either safe or the procedure is effective for you.
Because of this, you try out the cheapest – yet widely used material and not to mention the ones that make up those well-known teeth whitening products that are are out in super markets today.
Let’s start from the most popular and probably the cheapest – baking soda.
Oh yes, you can use this for making your teeth white aside from of course – making your cake.
Now, believe it or not, most whitening toothpaste have baking soda in them. It can really remove stains from the teeth. Baking soda has been used in making our teeth white for quite some time now because it’s safe and not to mention – the most important – effective.
Unfortunately, baking soda has it’s not-so-very-good-side, if you use baking soda for a very long time it can cause your teeth to become more sensitive than before.
Mouthwash too is a common home-based treatment. Especially if one is solely made out of hydrogen peroxide. Why is this effective? This is because the formula – hydrogen peroxide whitening – removes stain molecules on your teeth.

More Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

Be careful though, not to ingest it – since hydrogen peroxide is very harmful to the body – it can can intestinal pain and might cause damage to our internal organs and what’s more if you use it more often it can cause gum sensitivity and the erosion of enamel.
Strawberries too – believe it or not – are also a preferred on How to get rid of white spots on teeth

Aside from strawberries which are a very delicious and nutritious fruit – it can also be an alternative for teeth whitening products such as toothpaste.
Though it is safe and quite effective too – we must be patient in using this because it will surely take its time; the using of strawberry as an alternative for toothpaste, that is.
These Teeth Whitening Home Remedies are a great alternative for famous teeth whitening products and like these products, teeth whitening home remedies must also be taken or used with extra care and not in excess.

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